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Adventures in Viberg x Himel

July 04, 2022

Adventures in Viberg x Himel

This boot collab began on my first post-covid era trip to Victoria to catch up with Brett Viberg and the newest member of his family (mazel tov!). I was so excited to meet his new kid and take the time to run around the old growth forests of Vancouver Island.

Uncle Himel and Brett Viberg, factory tour

We’d already prepped a sample in roughout that I wore on my hikes on Vancouver Island and then for more field testing on a journey to Crete where they were perfect on the rocky terrain.

Brett acquired both a catalog and an original pair of the 1915 Infantry boots in black pebble grain. Super excited we pulled out his little used 2040 last. This soft toed more formal styling was super comfy right from the moment I put it on my fat feet.

Vintage catalog, and vintage boots used to model the 1915 Canadian Infantry Boot

In tours of the factory and in our chats, Brett explained his grandpa’s history of using early goodyear welt channel sole technique. From Brett’s perspective, this boot is, not only super strong and authentic to the original construction, but the channel sole creates a strong comfortable flexible base for the boot.

I’ve worn mine in the woods and to a wedding. Comfort, functionality, tradition and style – truly the all-purpose boot we’d hoped for when we kicked off the project!

Field tested, hand crafted boot photographs

Only 80 will be made for this special run and we are running out of pairs. Order yours before it's too late.

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