one good thing

About Himel Bros. Leather


My passion for leather jackets grew out of a vintage clothing business that I started in 1993. The beginnings of the internet and the desire to accumulate knowledge as to which garments had value lead me to research every detail of construction, heritage, and history of each rare piece I found. It was only after the publication of Rin Tanaka’s book Motorcycle Jackets: a Century of Design did I realize that I had been the source of many of the jackets in the book. It was that book that metamorphosed me from seller, to collector and researcher of leather jackets.  My own family history was in sportswear manufacturing from the 1930s until the 1960s, so I felt a quasi-spiritual connection to the history of clothing manufacture. Even the name—Himel Bros. Leather—is an homage to my grandfather and his two brothers. 

I contacted the oldest schmata men left alive and picked their brains on company histories, sewing techniques, and designs to understand how to make perfect jackets. By working with some of the most talented knowledgeable people in the business, Himel Bros. was born out of sweat and research.

I tracked down the finest most authentic hides from the best of the best tanneries globally, sourced the finest replica zippers from Japan and accumulated old stock parts over the course of several years. I sourced original machinery and parts, and where none were available, found the most authentic new materials for each period of jacket. I drew upon my collections of the rarest designs and tailored each pattern by hand, making each jacket one by one using 1930s bench made techniques.

Our team are some of the finest leather craftspeople in the business and we pride ourselves on trying to be the best of the best as garment makers. Himel Brothers believes everybody deserves to have “One Good Thing”!