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Viberg for Himel Bros. Ammunition Boot (Seconds)

A custom designed boot collaboration with Viberg for Himel Bros.

  • Designed after Canadian Army officers’ dress boots from WWII, the Ammunition Boot represents our take on the ideal military footwear. We’ve selected each element of the boot to reflect both authentic manufacturing from the 1930s and 40s, as well as the toughest materials available from that era.

    Representative of these materials is the Horween Work Shoe Horse Butt. This extraordinarily tough leather is functionally similar to modern Chromexel, but its “recipe,” is taken instead from the Horween archives, for complete accuracy to the period. Used during WWII for paratrooper boots, we selected this leather because we felt it appropriate that our officers’ boots should be able to survive being dropped out of an airplane.

     We rely on Viberg for their photographic memory of vintage boots. They did not disappoint—noting the slightly flattened toebox of archive boots, they selected a modified Munson last for this project, giving the Ammunition boot a unique silhouette even among Viberg’s diverse range. This eye for detail, combined with their excellence in production, is the reason that Viberg is so renowned as a bootmaker.

     Canadian Army officers in WWII needed their footwear to look good on parade and perform in the field. That’s why the RidgeWay soles of our Ammuntion Boot are rugged and refined; the boot can be worn with a suit and tie, but can be relied on to stand up to the countryside.

    These boots are returns and seconds. Pairs may have minor cosmetic blemishes, and are not eligible for returns. 

  • The Ammuntion Boot is available in Viberg sizing. Please use this page on the Viberg site to select your correct size. One width is available, in general terms narrow at the heel and wide in the forefoot. Widths are equivalent to a EE in other boot brands, but will likely fit all feet from the widest to the narrowest.

    1. Viberg's unbelievable stitchdown construction. 
    2. Horween Work Shoe Horsebutt leather in Pigment Brown CXL tannage.
    3. Paint Brown AA Eyelets
    4. Modified Munson Last
    5. RidgeWay sole
    6. Includes canvas dust bags for each boot, leather and waxed laces. 
  • These final pairs are returns and seconds, shipping from Himel Bros. HQ in Toronto, Canada. All shipping is fast, couriered DHL, but please allow up to two weeks processing due to the ongoing lockdown. No returns will be accepted. 

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