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Red Rabbit Trading Co. Belt Buckle

  • We've recently acquired an extremely limited stock of one-of-a-kind silver belt buckles from Red Rabbit Trading Co. Made in classic Navaho style, these buckles are available paired with a limited-edition Himel Bros. belt, made from Wickett and Craig English Bridle leather. Each buckle is unique and handmade in the U.S.A., and each belt is smooth, supple, and black, with the Himel Bros. workmanship you've come to expect.
  • We have three unique buckles available, and three belts. The belts are tagged size 34, and fit waist sizes between 32 and 36. Buckles can be ordered with or without belt.

  • These items are limited edition and are not returnable. We ship worldwide using DHL from our Toronto, Canada headquarters.


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