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Special Features

Feature Description Price
Brass Hardware All jackets are offered in standard nickel hardware, but for the "golden god" look we offer the option to select brass hardware. Looks great with all leather selections! Available on all jackets except those with only buttons.  N/A
Wrinkly Shinki We maintain a limited stock of Shinki Horsehide selected for a wrinkly surface texture. Offered for any jacket available in Shinki Horsehide, this option provides a very "vintage" look for those with more retro tastes.  N/A
Keystone Back Belt A Himel Bros. signature innovation, the Keystone Back Belt option provides The Canuck with a gorgeous piece of 1930s flair. Only available for The Canuck.   +$50
Extra Internal Pocket Perfect for small, surreptitious items, such as guitar picks, small knives, or opera tickets. Available on all jackets.  +$25
Leather Facing Facing on the inside lapel of the jacket is sewn with leather instead of the selected lining. Available on the Canuck and Heron models.  +$100
No Expansion Gusset Jacket is manufactured with a flat back instead of with expansion gussets.  N/A
Avro Flat Back

Jacket is manufactured with a flat back instead of the sunburst design. 

Grommet Zipper For the true vintage look, reproduction 1930s Talon hookless grommet zippers are available. Note that the Heron (Zip Closure) includes a Grommet Zipper on the standard model.   +$50



Here you can see examples of all available thread colors. All colors are selectable on all jackets. For more information on selecting a thread color, please check out our "How to Order," page. 

himel bros available thread colors

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