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Viberg x. Himel Ammo Boot II - Roughout Edition

A limited-edition custom designed boot collaboration with Viberg for Himel Bros.

  • Designed after Canadian Army officers’ dress boots from WWII, the AMMO BOOT II - Roughout Edition, represents our updated take on the ideal military footwear. We’ve selected each element of the boot to reflect both authentic manufacturing from the 1930s and 40s, as well as the toughest materials available from that era.

    Constructed using a blucher pattern, flesh-out cowhide, and a full reclaimed rubber sole and heel. The soles and heels are infused with fiber cording, fiber cording. When viewed from the side, the cord ends are visible and create the distinctive speckled pattern associated with Navy and Marine Corps field shoes.

    This ankle boot resembles Viberg’s iconic Service Boot pattern but this configuration is specifically a “Canadian” Spec boot. The quarter panels have a unique shape in that the seam is a straight line on an angle rather than the standard curved version seen on the the N-1 US Field shoes.

    During the war efforts Horween was asked to develop out what become the leather for the iconic N-1 Field Shoe or commonly referred to as a “Boondocker”. This specific article of leather that Horween developed for the war efforts was called “Marine Field Shoe” which is reflective of usage of this leather for the footwear.

  • The AMMO BOOT II is available in Viberg sizing. Please use this page on the Viberg site to select your correct size. One width is available, in general terms narrow at the heel and wide in the forefoot. Widths are equivalent to a EE in other boot brands, but will likely fit all feet from the widest to the narrowest. You cannot change your size once the boot is in production so make sure or call Viberg to confirm your sizing.

  • The boot uses Goodyear Channeled insole with a good year welt. Every boot is full brass nailed and tacked. There is a solid wood shank and with the channeled insole and soft toe they will mould to your foot.

    1. 6mm + Pitt tanned out sole
    2. Brown channel insole Goodyear welt, Dr. Sole corded sole
    3. Dead stock cats paw heels
    4. Paint Brown AA Eyelets
    5. 2040 Last
    6. Includes canvas dust bags for each boot, leather and waxed laces.
  • Production completion will be for December 2022 - January 2023. Shipping and deliveries will begin once production is complete.

    These boots are custom made to fit you perfectly, and therefore are not eligible for returns. This is a Pre-Order item.

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