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Viberg x. Himel - Service Boot

A limited-edition custom designed boot collaboration with Viberg for Himel Bros.

  • Made of Shinki natural horsebutt leather on a 2040 last with a Ridgeway sole and stitch down construction.

    These rare service boots are available in a very limited production run between Viberg x Himel.


  • The boot uses Goodyear Channeled insole with a good year welt. Every boot is full brass nailed and tacked. There is a solid wood shank and with the channeled insole and soft toe they will mould to your foot.

    1. 6mm + Pitt tanned out sole
    2. Brown channel insole Goodyear welt, Dr. Sole corded sole
    3. Dead stock cats paw heels
    4. Paint Brown AA Eyelets
    5. 2040 Last
    6. Includes canvas dust bags for each boot, leather and waxed laces.
  • These boots are custom made to fit you perfectly, and therefore are not eligible for returns. 

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