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Himel Bros. Bespoke Reversible Chindit Bush Hat


  • Two-hats-in-one.
  • Lightly waxed British Millerain.
  • Made in Japan in heavy twill.
  • Loop band.
  • Reinforced brim.
  • Four variants.
Based on an original British Chindit hat we have built a bush hat that is two-hats-in-one. During the Burmese WW2 campaign, the Chindits fought guerrilla-style. Needing a dependable hat for both jungle weather and camouflage the hat includes the loop band to stuff in twigs or whatever your heart desires. The unique ovoid shape comes in three measurements small, medium, and large. The circumferences are provided and you get to choose the optional camouflage side yourself.
One side is Chindit wax canvas made from lightly waxed British Millerain, the storied inventor of waxed canvass. The other is a WW2 USMC bucket hat. The waxed canvass will keep your head dry! The brim is reinforced with an extra layer of canvass padding.

They hold up well in the rain and the snow, and the wider brim keeps the sun off your face. We have a very limited amount of tiger camo left, and plenty of USMC frog skin camo in green or brown, and of course the very cool Mitchell camo. All four camos are made in Japan in heavy twill with very authentic prints.

The hats will take 4-6 weeks to produce after you order. The large will fit the biggest heads like mine so if you have a big noggin don’t worry. I have tested the hats in all sorts of conditions hundreds of times and this is a lifelong hat!!!!
- Himel


SMALL 22.75"
Mitchell Camo
HBT Camo Green
HBT Camo Brown
Japanese Tigerstripe Camo

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