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Tapper Utility Jacket (1909) Tapper Utility Jacket (1909) Tapper Utility Jacket (1909)
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Tapper Utility Jacket (1909)

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The Tapper is based on a very rare turn of the century work jacket in our collection. The jacket has a very primitive design which consists of a horsehide Jerkin vest typical of the British and Canadian militaries of World War I combined with wool linings, leather armpit gussets and corduroy sleeves. The sleeve has a very unique circular armpit gusset  to allow easier arm motion that we have never seen in any other jacket design. The jacket appears almost out of time with its flared body shape. Finished with deadstock 1940's four-hole buttons.


Note: This jacket runs large. For best results, we recommend purchasing one size smaller for a normal fit, two sizes smaller for a tight fit, same size for a looser fit.

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For custom order, please allow 4-6 weeks. Shipping through Canada Post. Shipping cost based on location, using trackable EMS shipping.

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