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MacDonald Varsity Jacket (1931) No Patch MULTIPLE SIZES MacDonald Varsity Jacket (1931) No Patch MULTIPLE SIZES MacDonald Varsity Jacket (1931) No Patch MULTIPLE SIZES
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MacDonald Varsity Jacket (1931) No Patch MULTIPLE SIZES

$ 400.00


This jacket is named after Dr. Calvin Himel’s high school teammate Dr. Robert McDonald. They played rugby, football, and basketball together and won all three city championships in one year. With a desire to make a perfect stadium jacket, the inspiration was a pre-WWII shape for the collar and pockets reminiscent of wool A-1 flight jackets emerging after WWI. The high quality woolens are cut into a tubular body with large reverse D patch pockets typical of the early period. The high quality tube knit wool banding, cuff and collars are manufactured in the United States at a factory that has been making knits for the US military since WWII. The weaves replicate complicated weaves of that period and are exceptionally beautiful and custom knit for Himel Brothers. The jackets are finished with old stock 1930's buttons.


Note: This jacket runs large. For best results, we recommend purchasing one size smaller for a normal fit, two sizes smaller for a tight fit, same size for a looser fit.

Size Chest Shoulder Sleeve Back
36 40 17.75 25 25
38 42 18 25 24.5
40 44 18.25 25.5 25
42 46 18.75 25.75 25.5
44 48 19.25 26 26
46 51 20 26 26.5
48 52 20.5 26.25 27
50 54 21.25 26.5 27.5


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