Heron, Size 42, Moosehide Leather

  • Once a year, on a very special day in January, we receive a very unusual shipment from a local tannery in Ontario: moose hides. These rare, wild-hunted leathers are sumptuously thick (3.5oz this year), supple, and covered in the character marks of the wild life a moose lives. We typically receive enough quality moosehide to make two jackets. This year, for the first time, our moosehide jacket is made with the smooth side out.  
  • This jacket is a one-of-a-kind unworn sample Heron A-1. It's only available in a stock size 42. Measurements here. For bespoke inquiries, please email us through this page.

    1. Japanese-made replica 1930s melamine buttons, with buttonholes sewn with our 1940s Reece 101 buttonhole machines. 
    2. Lined in Japanese reproduction WWII Marine Corps frogskin herringbone twill.
    3. Guterman 100% cotton thread, 16/4 gauge, made at one of the last thread companies in New Bedford.
    4. Made in Toronto, Canada, by our team of master craftspeople and David Himel.
  • We ship using DHL from Toronto, Canada. Our customs brokerage is very good, and we ship successfully worldwide.
    We accept returns for premade items within seven (7) days of receipt, in new/unworn condition.
    Bespoke items cannot be returned.
    This item is not returnable. 


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