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Avro D Pocket Rider (1939) Horse Avro D Pocket Rider (1939) Horse
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Avro D Pocket Rider (1939) Horse

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The Avro Company was a famed Canadian aircraft manufacturer dating back to the late 30's. We wanted to honor that history by designing a jacket that captured that perfect 1930's look of futuristic science fiction. Leather Togs is credited with the invention of the standard D pocket jacket, and we used a very early version of this jacket as our pattern model. The Avro D Pocket Rider has a classic D pocket on the front, 1930's tube rivets, a small tobacco pocket with decorative welts, and distinctive large lapels that zip up to a slick aviator look with a windproof chinstrap. The jacket cut fits half way between the longer sport jacket and a shorter motorcycle riders jacket. The arm shape has a different curve then a café racer with the expansion gussets located in the armpit and a single center back gusset that allows for forward arm movement. This was very typical of pre–World War II jackets. The back of the jacket features decorative ribbing which was distinct to Canadian rider jackets before 1940. We added in internal liner armpit gussets, cuff-liners and a waistbelt made of soft buffalo leather, to make it durable and comfortable. Liners are offered in simple twills or Canadian provincial tartan cotton flannel liners.


Note: This jacket runs large. For best results, we recommend purchasing one size smaller for a normal fit, two sizes smaller for a tight fit, same size for a looser fit.

Size Chest Shoulder Sleeve Hip Back
36 40.5 17 24.25 18.75 24.25
38 42.5 17.5 24.5 19.5 24.5
40 44.5 18 24.75 20.25 24.75
42 46.5 18.5 25 21 25
44 48.5 19 25.25 21.75 25.25
46 50.5 19.5 25.5 22.5 25.5
48 52.5 20 25.75 23.25 25.75
50 54.5 20.5 26 24 26

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For custom order, please allow 4-6 weeks. Shipping through Canada Post. Shipping cost based on location, using trackable EMS shipping.