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Wolverine Grizzly (1929) Deerskin Wolverine Grizzly (1929) Deerskin
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Wolverine Grizzly (1929) Deerskin

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The iconic and dangerous wolverine is the inspiration of this rare jacket pattern. Adapted from the Heron Cossack pattern, we wanted to create an early “Grizzly” fur on style jacket typical of the 1930s. We designed the look and panels into a jacket style that could have been worn in that era but was never made. This makes the keystone back and fur front panels absolutely unique in the pantheon of jackets. The Wolverine Grizzly is flanked on the front by tuck-able deco-flap slash pockets. These kinds of pocket details are only found on jackets made in Canada in the 1920s and 30s and are reflective of the British influence on Canadian jacket makers. This hybrid of styles an true original and an unmistakably Himel Brothers design. The jacket sports a replica 1930s grommet zipper made in Japan and old stock 1930s fish eye buttons. The deerskin version is made from a limited availability of hunted Canadian wild deerskins tanned in Ontario.


Note: This jacket runs large. For best results, we recommend purchasing one size smaller for a normal fit, two sizes smaller for a tight fit, same size for a looser fit.

Size Chest Shoulder Sleeve Hip Back Front
36 39.5 17 24.25 36.5 24 21
38 42 17 24.5 38 24 21.25
40 43.5 17.5 25 39.5 24.5 21.5
42 45 18 25.5 41 24.75 22


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