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Himel Bros. Natural Dyed Watch Cap

Himel Bros. is committed to caring for our environment. We make our products locally, out of sustainably sourced materials. In keeping with this tradition of environmental excellence, our Natural Dyed Watch Caps are hand-dipped in Turmeric dye right here in Toronto. This all-natural dyeing process isn't just environmentally friendly; it also leaves the Watch Cap with a pleasing mottled pattern and a rich yellow tone expected to fade with sun and time. 

Our watch caps are spun on the same industrial knitting machines used to manufacture similar caps for the American military in WWII. The contrasting gauges emulate the knits of vintage flight jackets, and they wear in to perfect softness and comfort. 


    • Five gauge knit body.
    • Three gauge knit crown.
    • Hand wash on cold to avoid shrinkage.
    • One size. 
    • Natural dyed items are irregular and may fade with time. 
    • No returns after seven days. 

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